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The UEFA Champions League is a seasonal European football competition organized by UEFA. The tournament was formerly called the European Cup and is contested by the most successful clubs in Europe who try to win the Champion Clubs’ Cup.

The original tournament began in 1955 as the European Champion Clubs’ Cup but became known simply as the European Cup and more recently the Champion’s League. It is a separate event from the UEFA Cup and the now abandoned Cup Winners’ Cup.

The UEFA Champions league is sensitive to the domestic league champions of all UEFA member associations as well as the clubs finishing from second to fourth position in the strongest leagues. In addition, the two lowest-ranked league competitions can also send their domestic champions in the Champions League.

In the past participating teams were only domestic national league winners but since 1997 the runners-up were also allowed to compete.


Different teams start at different stages of the tournament according to their position in their national league and the UEFA coefficients of theirs league. The UEFA coefficients are used to rank teams and leagues across Europe. The top sixteen ranked teams from the biggest domestic leagues directly qualify.

Each association’s rank determines the stage at which the clubs join the competition. The three highest-ranked associations have two places assured in the group stage for their league champions and runners-up and two in the 3rd qualifying round for their third and fourth-placed teams. The lowest-ranked associations gain only one place in the first qualifying round for their league champions. In addition, the nine highest-ranked associations are each given at least one place in the group stage.

Tournament Structure

The Champions League is played over several stages that begin in mid-July with three preliminary qualifying rounds. Qualifying rounds continue mid-July to late August. The sixteen qualifying winners go to the next round and the losers from the third qualifying round transfer over to the UEFA Cup.

Another 16 seeded teams join the 16 teams that make it the next round for a group stage.

A draw is taken to divide the teams in eight groups of four teams each. Each team plays every other team in the group twice, one home and one away game. This group stage is played from September through December. Care is taken when making the draws to prevent that clubs from the same nation do not play each other till at least the quarterfinal.

The top two teams from each group go on to the next round while the teams finishing in third place are transferred over to play in the UEFA cup.

The sixteen remaining teams then play a knockout stage that starts in February and the cup final is played in May.

All of the qualifying rounds and the knockout stage are two-legged and aggregate goal numbers decide the winners. The away goal rule is applied meaning that the team that scores more goals during the away game wins overall if the teams are otherwise tied on goal aggregate. If teams are still tied at the end of their two matches then extra time and a penalty shootout are used to decide who qualifies. Only the final is decided in a single match.


The League was begun in the 1960-1961 season to fill the need for a mid-week football tournament. At first many top teams ignored the competition but the addition of entry to the UEFA cup for the winners attracted all teams to take part. For many clubs the League Cup is seen as useful way to gain entry into the UEFA cup.

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